Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Scooters from Ducati & Iso

I found some more interesting scooters and stuff at the 2012 Imola fair. The dealer signs for Vespa above seems to be original, the size speaks for it. Wouldn't it be nice to have both in your living room?
The mean green machine is a Ducati Cruiser, a 50 cc scooter that made it's debut in 1963. At first with 47,6 cc and then a 49,6 cc. A 100 cc version was also available according to the Ducati official site. Ducati tried to make break in the scooter market as early as 1952 with the Ducati Cruiser, 175 cc. Designed to produce 12 hp but later reduced to 7,5 hp in order to follow italian road legislations. It was quite a luxury scooter; four-stroke and automatic transmission. Designed with the help of Ghia (did they sell the concept to make the Fuji Rabbit?).
The Iso 150 cc scooter (Diva, Milano or Piccolino) besides it was fairly complete. I made an offer that was refused...

The Ducati Brio appeared in 1963.

Lining up for eager customers.

A rough but almost complete Iso Milano/Diva/Piccolino.

Welding and a parts hunt is necessary for this Faro Basso.

Saddle up! Or something...

A pic of the Ducati Brio from the Ducati archive.

The Cruiser was the first scooter from Ducati, in 1952.

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