Monday, 8 October 2012

PK 50 XL gets new rims

I tended to the PK 50 XL this weekend. Since the spare wheel was missing I bought two new ones. In pearl white instead of silver. At the front I fitted a new tyre and inner tube. At the back the old tire was okay. Good thing, the rims that came with the Vespa was quite rusty on the inside.
I also adjusted the brakes, now it stops better. When the back wheel was off it was easy the clean the engine. Lot's of Italian soil came off. Now mixed with the Swedish and some Finnish dirt, the latter coming off my Lambretta Cometa. A European union?
Well, the PK have some flaws that I missed that hot, sunny day when I bought at the Imola fair (And the money was burning in my pocket). We'll se how much I will tend to. I might get a can of colour to fix the side panels, talk about "orange peel" (?).
To get the right hue I will go to a proper paint shop. Since it's not an original colour it's necessary to use a device (spectrometer?) that sorts out the right colour mix. If you look at the last pic here you cant see that the colour is turquoise, not blue. I think it's stylish, with the pearl white rims!

Some Italian soil on a screwdriver, found under the Vespa.

Actually some sun under the work on the PK.

Pic taken with proper camera, more greenish.

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