Saturday, 20 October 2012

Porchetta and Vespa PK

Rain again here in Stockholm. I took a short ride on the Vespa PK 50 XL to the local "flea market". Have made some bargains there before, but not today.
Before leaving home I put an italian porchetta in the oven. Pork (yes, you can tell) seasoned with garlic, fennel seeds and fresh rosemary. Will cook for five hours!
More interesting maybe, a friend found the table game "Tour du monde en Vespa" in France this autumn. Fortunately he's not a Vespa freak, so I have the chance to buy it! Very nice!
The game is featured in Robin Davy's fabulous book "Vespa Forever". So is the ash tray I bought a couple of days ago. Apparently the ash tray was made in England.

A french table game from the early fifties.

Too blue!

The right colour!

The start of the porchetta, roll it together and then bind it.

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