Saturday, 13 October 2012

Chilly ride on the Vespa PK

Once again, the colour is more blue than in reality.

Autumn is definitely here in Sweden. Around zero degrees during the night and 9 plus today. I took the  Vespa PK 50 XL for some errands. Buying groceries, taking stuff to the recycling station and some more groceries...
I have greased the clutch, gas and brake wires. Next service coming up is to change the bearings at the front wheel. There is a small unpleasant noise I'd like to get rid off.
I'm very pleased with the seat and the riding position, very good for my length (1,86 m). It also feels nimble and nice on the road. Although it's no rocket, 53 km/h is the top speed according to a speed camera nearby. Speed isn't everything...

Bought these two at the Imola fair, a bit to big maybe...

The the backside of the fog light to the right has been polished by me.

The license to my PK 50 XL, "il libretto".

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