Thursday, 27 September 2012

Some Vespas at the Imola fair

Waiting for the customers, on a Vespa 50 Special.

Time for some pics of Vespas at the Imola fair. This year I had no eye for the nice "oldies", maybe I had an overdose last year? And there are more of the Vespas from the 80's and the 90's for sale. The faro bassos and other 50's and 60's models are quite pricey.
Isn't "junk" fascinating? But some vendors are asking a lot for stuff in bad condition.
I also spotted a nice Cosa 200 but "forgot" to take a picture. Maybe the "not so old Vespas" are gaining a following for each year passing?
Well, I myself bought a PK 50 XL from 1987. Unfortunately I hadn't time for searching for the right white plastic accessories...
But if you went for new spare parts, Mauro Pascoli was present with a really big trailer!

At least a T5 and a PX.

Not to everyone's taste - a cutdown.

This is not paint but printed foil.

Come and get the bargains!

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