Saturday, 8 September 2012

Lambretta and embellisher

Lambretta LD 150 spotted in central Stockholm yesterday.

Yesterday I was shopping for my youngest son's birthday. The Lambretta LD was parked on at street in Stockholm.
I have also checked my Lambretta embellisher, bought this spring. As you can see there is a cutting in the metal. Maybe I should have seen it before the purchase, but I was probably to excited. The cutting may have been there for making place for the registration plate up front. That indicates that the embellisher could be old and not an aftermarket product, in the old days scooters and motorcycles in Sweden had to have plates both at the front and the rear.
I found a similar mud guard embellisher for sale at Rimini Lambretta Centre, with a red instead of a blue tab. They look pretty much the same.
I have also bought a oilcloth with a Vespa pattern, one picture is from the movie "Roman Holiday"with Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and the photographer on a Vespa 125. There is also a VBB I think in different sizes. Silly? Yes! 

My embellisher, with the unfortunate cutting.

The embellisher for sale at Lambretta Rimini Centre.

The backside, the cutting clearly visible.

RLC's embellisher's backside.

A Vespa-infested oilcloth.

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