Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mods vs Rockers 2012, Sthlm

The weather forecast was accurate, Mods vs Rockers 2012 in Stockholm was dominated by rain. Or light drizzle if you prefer that expression. The Mods gathered at one end of the S:t Eriks bridge in the center of Stockholm, the Rockers at the other end. Then they met on the bridge. I didn't count, could it have been 60 or so Lambrettas and Vespas? About the same amount of motorcycles.
Then there was a rideout to Vinterviken were the Tug of War took place after lunch. Rockers got revenge after last years loss.
Next Mods and Rockers rode together to Nytorget, a square at Södermalm. The "winner" is the side with the most participants, and right now I don't know the score. Actually there was a pause in the rain, but when it began again I went home. Party later on this evening.

Two finnish guys, from USA and Italy!

At the S:t Eriksbron, waiting for the Rockers!

The blue Rally is ridden by "The Want".

Modette in the rain...

Strange ivory colour on my TV 175.

Checking the helmet with fag in place.

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