Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Ancora una volta - Imola!

Yes, I managed to get to the fair at Imola this year too. The "Imola Mostra e Scambio" was arranged 14-16 September on the Imola racetrack. About 2 000 vendors, maybe some fewer than last year.
As always a heaven for a scooter freak! Lots of Vespas and Lambrettas of course. And other italian brands. The Aermacchi Cigno below had a fake gas tank some 15 years before the Vespa SS50 and SS90.
I lay a bid on the Iso Milano, which was rejected. So I ended up with a 1987 Vespa PK 50 XL! Not one of my dream machines (compared to a Lambretta B or a SX 200 or a Vespa 98), but when I laid my eyes on it, the deal was struck. It's in working order, lights, indicators, fuel gauge (!) and brake light are also working!
That's how much I investigated it on the track. It's arriving to my home in about a week.
And it's a part of the Vespa history!
Later on there will be more blogposts, look out for a Gilera G50 and a Ducati scooter!

Very strange, an Aermacchi Cigno 125 from 1950! Fake gas tank!

A rough but nearly complete Iso Milano, Piccolo to you Swedes.

I didn't know that I was going to buy a PK 50!

Silvio sold the Vespa PK 50 XL to me.

My PK 50 XL, I think the colour is green...


  1. Ciao it isn't any of the original PK50XL colours: Blu spazio, Verde metallizzato, Rosso corsa, Bianco dolomiti, Grigio titanio. By the way, congrats! I was just searching for a PK50XL in Sweden these days as there's none in Finland. Pretty strange thing to do for an italian uh? :)

    1. Grazie! I suspected that the colour was non-original. Lot's of signs of a respray.
      I like it anyhow!
      I wonder if the PK XL ever was sold om Sweden. The 80's was an all-time low for Vespa sales here.
      Hope you find one, suomalaisen-italiano!

  2. Hello, I know that what I'm asking is almost impossible, but we feel the same.
    About Aermacchi photo you've posted, I'm looking for that model of spare parts. By chance, could you tell me how I can contact the owner of the Aermacchi? Tell me you have stored the address, please!

  3. I'm sorry but I don't have the name and number to that vendor. Best chance might be to visit the Imola fair. But maybe you live far away?