Thursday, 7 June 2012

Road-master from Fiamm

A bit to big, maybe.
But nonetheless extremely funky!
I found these horns three weeks ago at a fair.
Fabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio SpA was started in the town of Montecchio, near Venice. In the 90's they bought the french firm Klaxon. They also bought several battery manufacturers. For the market in North and South America their plant FTI Cadillac makes 60 000 car horns each day! And they supply lots of air horns for General Motors.
Back to my horns; they're called "Road-master" and are from the late 60's. Unfortunately the compressor and maybe a relay was missing. Although the original cardboard box are present.
And they're 12-volt, originally built for cars like Maserati, Ferrari, Lancia, DeTomaso etc.
I've seen pictures of smaller Fiamm horns for Vespa or Lambretta, probably 6-volt. Maybe I should look for them instead?

I wonder if I can complain about the missing compressor?


  1. Hi, do you still have the Fiamm horns? If yes would you consider selling them and for what price? Thanks. Christopher

  2. Yes, I still have them. What do you want them for?