Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lambretta embellisher found

In november last year I said in this blogpost that the search for the Lambretta accessory "A201 Front Bumper" will begin. I might have found that, but it needs rechroming. Back to that later.
But I have also found "A205 Front Mudguard Embellisher", maybe. The seller says it's NOS (New old stock) and I believe him, it looks very nice. At least the pictures...I haven't laid my greedy hands on it yet.
But according to a leaflet the "A205" has "TV 175" written on it, while mine has "Lambretta" instead. Well, it should look great on my TV 175.


  1. Wow! Fyndpris! Vigano?

  2. Yes, it was s bargain. Me thinks...
    I will fetch it this weekend, not sure of which company manufactured it. If you look at the blogpost "On the wrong scooter", there is a leaflet with lot of accessories. Maybe from Vigano, Ulma, Cuppini and others.