Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Vespa 180 SS: It's alive!

It's alive! I had to test the Vespa Super Sport 180. First I mounted the petrol tank, went very well. Then I checked the sparkplug; yes! After that I re-wired the electrics, not a big task, just followning the electrical scheme.
Wow, it fired after four or five kicks! And both the head and tail lamp shone. The tyres are very bad, not holding the air so the test drive was only abou 50 metres. It idled for approx 5 minutes, but I think the ignition has to be adjusted.
Furthermore I have cleaned it with some rubbing, some gleam are left in the old paint. Except where there are surface rust. Some more work is required...
I also swapped saddle, I bought a 180 SS-saddle some years ago and it is in better condition than the one that came with the scooter.

The running-in regulations are still there.

Here it is still dirty.

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