Wednesday, 22 May 2013

New: 1954 Apollo Biet!

Yes, the collection has grown. Now the Swedish part is complete, I have just bought an Apollo Biet, a Swedish-built scooter from 1954. A joint venture with another Swedish manufacturer, Svalan. I bought their version, the Svalan Scooter, in 2009 and has been looking for the Apollo Biet since. They share the very spartan engine, 128 cc "big" and with only two gears. Actually a big failure, just over 40 Apollo Biet were built and maybe 100-150 Svalan Scooter.
Rare but pretty useless, this one was for sale at an reasonable price. The drawback is that it's situated 940 km's from my home...

Two head lamps is a trade mark, but one should be yellow.

Biet means "bee" or "ape". They avoided "wasp"...

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