Friday, 3 August 2012

Jan - the Piccolino man!

Jan from up north in Sweden has a rare Iso scooter.

About a year ago I spotted some Iso Milanos at the Imola fair in Italy. I wrongly thought they were called "Milano" in Sweden as well. Jan, or Janne, from the north of Sweden made a comment on that blogpost and corrected me. Here they were called "Piccolino".
This summer I had a chance to visit Jan in is home. He has been restoring an Iso Piccolino for some years now. The sidecowls and the horncover has been resprayed in an original pink hue. The magnificent trim was actually with the scooter!
Right now Jan has two engines, hopefully leading to one in top shape. The frame and front shield have been sandblasted and primed. Now he needs some spare time to finish the restoration. A handfull of Vespas, a GS 150, a Rally and a 1956 "Struzzo" is already finished. And recently he inherited a 1925 Chevrolet Touring...

The side cowls and the horn cover has been painted,

Marked "Iso", but doesn't fit. Instead it fits Vespa GS!

This is better, trim that fits the Iso Milano/Piccolino.

The frame is blasted and awaits paint. A bit Lambretta-like,

Close-up of the fabulous side cowl trim to Jan's Iso.

Jan found his spare engine in the Netherlands.


  1. que bueno accesorios.... desde argentina - buenos aires. quiero comprar de estos accesorios para mi iso 150 scooter.. muy bueno felicitaciones

  2. Hello nice work!
    Do you have the color formul for these salomon red?