Sunday, 5 August 2012

I want a Pirelli wall clock!

This nice clock sits on the wall in the house by a friend. He is more of a motorcycle man, but in the early sixties he worked at a Vespa Service in a town in southern Sweden.
My Lambretta TV 175 has new Pirelli tyres, not made in Italy but in Brazil (you can't be choosy these days...). They are a couple of years old and when I found them I immediately bought three.
I recently browsed through some photos and found the one below. It's a part blow up from picture hanging on one wall in Vittorio Tessera's museum in Rodano outside Milano.
It's obviously a series 1 Li, but the colour scheme looks just like on my TV. Apart from the tail light. And the colour on the horn cover and side cowls might have been red.
The original picture shows a Agip service station from the end of the fifties.
I bet they had a Pirelli clock inside!

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  1. Oh the days when it took three guys to put gas in one Lambretta! Nice photo.