Friday, 16 August 2013

Thing is - I've got a Cosa!

From the very moment when I bought my Vespa (?) Cosa 1989.

Okay, I've bought another Vespa. Or is it? It was launched as the "Cosa" (italian for "thing") in 1988. No sign of the Vespa brand and its glorious history. Solo una cosa, just a thing...
Well, mine from 1989 has a Vespa-badge above the front fender, so Piaggio changed their mind. Mine is also branded "LX200", so is that the full name? Piaggio Vespa Cosa LX200?
They were never sold in Sweden, this one was imported from Germany in 2004. Well, I like it, now. I remember disliking them immensely at the time, as I bought my first Vespa, the 1961 Gran Sport, in 1989.
LX200 that means 200 cc (197,97) and 12 hp. 125 and 150 versions were also available. Hydraulic brakes working simultaneously on both wheels and self-starter.
Yeah, and it's a nice ride!


18 495 km's from my start.

The Eighties are back! My PK 50 XL from '87 and the Cosa from '89.

Cosa on the streets of Stockholm - excellent for commuting.


  1. Yes indeed, it does look very 1980's. Park one next to a Honda Elite. I am sure it is nice to ride though. I never thought I would like PX200's, but I own one now. I mellowed with age... still not sure about the Cosa though!

  2. A friend suggested that the Cosa is like the Volvo 940.
    I won't debate the look, I'm just saying; try one and you'll like it!