Sunday, 7 April 2013

A sunday with my Vespas

Another sunny day here in Stockholm. I decided to try my 1953 Vespa 125 faro basso (VM1), I think it was two years since the last ride. Some new petrol and it fired up nicely. Took it for a ride in the neighbourhood, it felt alright, but small! The TV 175 is bigger! And stronger...
But I discovered some flaws on the VM1, one end cap to floor rails were missing, but I had a spare. There some orange paint on the front mudguard, I have to sort that. I also moved the pillion seat, bought at the Imola fair, from the Vespa 125 U to the VM1. It's very comfy, but I'm not sure about the colour.
Then I took the U for ride. But it didn't go as well as the VM1. I wonder if there are some carburettor issues. The revs was a bit weird, will check that later. And then there is the Lambretta 150D who refused to start today...
The VM1 needs to have an MOT, hopefully in a couple of weeks. I will concentrate on that!

I moved this pillion seat from the U to the VM1.

I discovered that an end cap was missing. Had some spare...

The 1953 Vespa 125 got a new wheel disc.

The Vespa U did have some sun as well.

One hour later it was snowing.

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